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Santos Mahogany (Cabreuva)

Botanical Name:

Myroxylon Balsamum


Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico.

Also known as: 

Estoraque (Peru), Cabriuva Vermelha (Brazil), Quina (Bolivia), Balsamo (Colombia), Sandalo (Ecuador), Quina Morada (Venezuela), Nava, Red Incienso.

Santos Mahogany is a high quality exotic hardwood with a reddish brown color when first milled, which turns into a rich dark mahogany color over time. Santos Mahogany hardwood normally offers a range of overtones from a light orange/brown to a dark reddish/brown. It has a medium to high gloss, and is as beautiful as it is durable, making it a very appealing selection. Given its durability and top quality, Santos Mahogany hardwood is ideal for both residential and commercial installations.


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