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Red Oak

Botanical Name:

Quercus spp.


North America

Also known as: 

Black Oak, Buck Oak, Grey Oak, Eastern Red Oak, Spanish Oak, Southern Red Oak, Water Oak.

Red Oak is the most common flooring specie in the United States with over 200 sub-species across North America. Red Oak has a light caramel color with a tint of red-pink grain. There is noticeable variation in color and grain depending on the origin of the wood and corresponding differences in growing seasons. The most common flooring types are Northern, Southern and Appalachian. As a general rule, the Northern and Appalachian types have a more uniform grain and color pattern because they grow slower than the Southern type and, consequently, they are slightly higher priced.
Depending on whether the wood is plainsawn, riftsawn, or quartersawn, the grain of Red Oak can have a plumed or flared appearance, a lighter grain pattern with low figuring, or a "flake" pattern that is referred to as "tiger rays" or "butterflies."

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