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Botanical Name:

Amaranth peltogyne spp


Amazon and Central America

Also known as: 

Amaranth, Amarante, Guarabu, Koroboreli, Morado, Palo Morado, Pau Roxo, Purperhart, Tananeo, Violetwood.

Purpleheart is one of the world's most unique woods in that it is truly purple, with little color variation over time.. This wood is very dense and with fine graining. Purpleheart is prized for its uniquely vivid purple color, and so it is used in many specialty items, such as billiard cue butts and decorative carving. As a flooring material, the wood makes for very dramatic edgings, inlays, and accents. It is also used widely in parquet, fine furniture and cabinet work. 





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