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Peruvian Cherry

Botanical Name:

 Manilkara Bidentata


Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia.

Also known as: 

Quinilla (Peru), Zapote, Mame Colorado, Balata, Cochinillo, Cuberu, Masaranduba, Nisperillo, Nispero (Venezuela), Caimitillo, Leche de Platano, Trapichero (Colombia).

Peruvian Cherry is a high quality hardwood with a light chestnut-brown color when first milled, turning into a beautiful and rich deep reddish-brown color over time.  Peruvian Cherry has a low to medium gloss and is one of the best, hardest and longest-lasting woods available on the market. While the tone, grain, and pattern are the same as Brazilian Cherry, Peruvian Cherry is more durable and less light sensitive.  Given its extreme hardness and top quality, Peruvian Cherry is ideal for both residential and commercial installations.

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