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Pepperwood/ Patagonian Rosewood

Botanical Name:

Piptadenia macrocarpa


Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay

Also known as: 

Curupay, Curupayte, Kurupayte, Angico preto, Cebil, Cebil colorado, Curupay-ata, Kurupay-te, Curupaú, Willca, Curupaí, cebil moro Curupa-í, Curupa-í pitá Coboba, Cohoba, Yupa, Yopa, Pariká, Kurupa, Hatax, Jataj.

The overall appearance of Pepperwood ranges from red to dark brown, becoming a deeper red over time. This specie exhibits distinctive black growth rings and streaks, which become less evident over time. Jointly with Ipe, Pepperwood is the hardest specie available in the flooring market.

Photo: Copeland Hardwoods Inc.




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