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Botanical Name:

Quercus suber


Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and the Mediterranean Europe Basin.

Also known as: 


Odysseus Brown Odysseus Rose
Athene Gray


What is commonly referred as cork is actually the bark of the Cork Oak tree. As the bark is removed for cork production, the tree grows again in about 8-10 years, making it a renewable resource. Cork is impervious to water due to the interconnected nature of its "honeycombed" and airtight cells. Comprised of a countless number of individual air-filled cells, cork offers a very unique appearance. Depending upon how the flattened bark is cut, cork can reveal any of a number of distinctive surface designs.

Cork is a very soft flooring option. It’s pliant nature however, allows for the floor to expand and contract upon stepping on it. It is not recommended for high traffic areas. Cork flooring's two styles are tiles and planks, and it comes in a range of natural colors. Tiles are glued down and planks are generally floated. 





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