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Ipe/Brazilian Walnut

Botanical Name:

Tabebuia spp


Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala and lesser Antilles.

Also known as: 

Ipe (Brazil), Lapacho Negro (Paraguay and Argentina), Cortez (Central America), Guayacan Polvillo (Colombia), Flor Amarillo,  Madera Negra (Ecuador), Tahuari (Peru), Ironwood, Pau Lope, Greenheart (Surinam).

Brazilian Walnut (Ipe) has a light to dark olive brown color, often with attractive lighter and darker striping and striking contrasts. The color of the boards changes from a dark brown to a lighter green olive. It has a fine texture, medium luster, and a somewhat oily appearance. Ipe is one of the hardest species in the world (three times as hard as Red Oak), and very heavy. Because of its compact, hard and oily nature, Ipe is often used in outside constructions such as decking and building structures. Ipe is very similar in color and properties to Lapacho, but strictly speaking is a different specie.

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