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Brazilian Teak / Cumaru

Botanical Name:

Dipteryx Odorata.


Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela and Costa Rica

Also known as: 

Cumaru, Tonka (Brazil), Shihuahuaco, Charapilla, Kumarut (Peru), Coumarou (Bolivia), Charapilla, Sarrapia (Colombia), Almendro, Almendrillo (Costa Rica).

Brazilian Teak is a high quality and extremely hard wood with an attractive uniform light tan brown color.  It presents a fine texture with interlocked grain, and is one of the most durable and dense hardwoods on the market. Brazilian Teak is normally available in a tan brown color with mixed lighter and darker tones, usually referred as Light Cumaru. A more rare type of Brazilian Teak is Red Cumaru which features reddish and darker brown tones, similar to Brazilian Cherry or Santos Mahogany. Given its extreme durability and quality, Brazilian Teak is ideal for commercial and residential installations with heavy traffic.

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