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Botanical Name:

Phyllostachys, pubescens


China and Southeast Asia

Also known as: 


Bamboo describes a large number of species belonging to the Phyllostachys family. Strictly speaking, bamboo is not a wood but a grass. It is an attractive ecological alternative since it only takes about 4-5 years from planting to harvest time to prepare it for flooring applications. Harvesting does not kill the plant because it constantly regenerates itself by sending out runners that result in new canes. 

To make bamboo flooring, the hollow round shoots are sliced into strips, which are boiled to remove the starch. The strips are then dried and laminated into solid boards, which are then milled into standard strip flooring profiles. Most manufacturers offer a light, natural color bamboo flooring and a darker, amber option, commonly known as carbonized. This amber color is achieved by pressure steaming the bamboo, which darkens it by carbonization. In addition to natural and carbonized, bamboo is also produced in a horizontal and a vertical pattern.





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