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American Maple

Botanical Name:

Acer saccharum


North America (eastern United States and Canada)

Also known as: 

Bird's-eye Maple, Black Maple, Curly Maple, Hard Maple, Rock Maple, Rough Maple, Sugar Maple, Sweet Maple, Thumbnail Maple.


Bird's Eye Maple

Burl Maple

Quilted Maple

Curly Maple


North American Maple is the world’s premier “white” flooring wood and offers the lightest coloration of any wood flooring. The wood varies in color from the pale creamy white colored sapwood to a spectrum of tan/brown tones found in the heartwood. Maple undergoes a medium degree of color change, with slight ambering from a cream/white to a more golden cream color over time. The grain is closed with medium uneven figuring and uniform texture. Depending on the grain figuring, Maple is often referred as “quilted”, “curly”, "bird's-eye," or "fiddle back." During the grading process, interestingly figured boards are often culled from the group and sold at a premium. Because of its beautiful look and its relative hardness, Maple is the flooring of choice for dance floors, gymnasiums and bowling alleys.

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